Adopt An Alp 2019 has 29 different alps to choose from. Each one has a unique story, from the families that run them to the different cheeses that come out of it.

Alp Musenalp (UR), new

Owners: Sepp Herger and Andrea Gysin
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019

For generations the Bissig family in Isenthal owned Musenalp until they sold it to Sepp Herger in 2013. Sepp had grown up on “Alpeli” which is just a 10 min. walk away. Together with his partner Andrea Gysin who we met during the winner’s trip 2017 on Alp Äbnistetten they move 40 cows, 20 goats and 10 pigs up to the Alp where they stay from beginning of June until mid September.

Andrea Gysin and Sepp Herger.

Musenalp consists of about 60 hectars (150 acres) of Alp meadows and stretches from an altitude of 4430 feet a.s.l. to 5800 feet and is located at the foot of the famous Uri Rothorn peak. Musenalp can only be accessed by foot, or with the little open cable car which is essentially the lifeline during transhumance. Whereas the Restaurant is still owned and operated by the Bissig family, the cable car belongs to Sepp Herger.

The cable car is the lifeline for Musenalp.

During the summer’s peak, when the animals graze on the highest meadows, they are milked under the open sky. The milk is then immediately transported by cable car to the dairy. The operation is simple, small and very traditional. Sepp and Andrea do all the work, although this year, they will get some partial help through the civil service. The Alpkäse is made over a wood fire which also provides the hot water. There’s only a little generator that produces electricity for the lights and the stirrer.

Cheese is made over a woodfire.

Laborintense is the work on the meadows. The grass is cut with the motormower, but then collected and transported by hand. Which is a tiring task on those steep slopes.

The steep slopes make haying a strenous task.

On “Älpeli” where Sepp grew up his parents still do transhumance in the third generation. They produce the goat milk cheeses. The milk of the 10 to 12 cows are sent to Musenalp where all the Alpkäse is made.

During the winter Musenalp products are sold at markets.

During the winter Sepp works as a cheesemaker, but he is also a very passionate goat breeder and has won several awards. On their little “hobby”-farm Andrea and Sepp tend to about 20 goats. And the two visit a lot of markets and sell their – excellent – cheeses. Even Rolf Beeler is a customer!

Sepp is also an accomplished goat breeder, here with awardwinning Eileen.