Adopt An Alp 2019 has 29 different alps to choose from. Each one has a unique story, from the families that run them to the different cheeses that come out of it.

Alp Wasserberg (SZ)

Owners: Gerold & Käthy Gwerder, New
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2017, Raclette, all organic

The organic certified dairy of Alp Wasserberg is located at 5200 ft. above the Moutathal valley. The Gwerder family starts transhumance usually end of May or beginning of June.

The move is made in 4 steps. First comes a 2 hours hike with their cows and bull to the “Vorstafel Suteren” (3360 ft) where they stay for about 10 days. The milk from Suteren is still brought to the valley, making of their Alp products starts on the next stop, “Laueli” which is located just under 4000 ft. In Laueli the train is joined by around 10 cows from another farmer as well as the calves.

After 3 weeks the big hike is on schedule, up to the “Hinderist Chalet” on Wasserberg. It’s again an about 2-hour-march, but this time, the dairy has to be transported as well. At this point the pigs join transhumance.

The meadows on Wasserberg last again about 3 weeks. Then follows the last step: Cows, bull and calves walk to “Gigengaden” (5636 ft.), the highest point of their transhumance, where they stay around 5 weeks. After that it is essentially a move back: 2 weeks on Hinderist, then directly down to Suteren for about ten days. At that point the animals from the other farmer leave whereas the Gwerder’s move their cattle back to Laueli for the last 3 weeks of transhumance.