A summer unlike others

It’s been 1 1/2 months since we visited Alp Trosen. In the meantime the Knaus family has moved up to Alp Flies on about 6000 ft. “In the beginning there was a lot of grass”, says Luzia Knaus. “The cows still have enough to feed on, however with the drought no new grass is growing.” The water supply has become a problem. “There’s only little spring water left, so we drive a tankwaggon as far as we can and pump the water into the reservoir.” On other Alps the lack of water is even greater and helicopter continuously have to help with supplies.

Due to the extremely dry summer they could not get enough hay. “Especially on the steep slopes you could almost see the grass disappearing.” In order to get food for the winter her husband Köbi Jr. threshed the winter wheat on August 1st. Today he’ll do the oats.

A “lucky” cow

“We had an accident a while back. Cow Gloria fell from a steep cliff, but wonderously she survived the fall. She lost a horn, had some scratches and two open wounds on one leg. But she is recovering well and has already joined the other animals on the pastures.”

On the move…
Daughter Elena is controlling the goats.
Tired, needing a ride.
Arrived at Trosen.
With Master Cheesemaker Köbi Knaus Sr.
Up to Alp Flies.
The view down to Trosen from Flies.
Elena (second from left) and friends.
The stone walls on these meadows are thousands of years old.
On Flies, the upper Alp, there is still grass…
… and flowers (Daisies)…
…Bearded Bellflowers…
… or Mountain Cornflowers.