A tunnel for Alp Alplen

In October 2017 a massive rockslide destroyed the path from the village of Unterschächen to Alp Alplen (6200 ft. asl) which is a neighbor to Ruosalp. During the clean-up two workers were killed. Since the desaster the animals are transported with a cable container to the Alp where over 230 heifers and about 900 sheep spend their summer.
Now the authorities have decided to have a 300 m long tunnel built into the rock to reconnect the Alp. The cost were evaluated at 2.8 mio. Swiss Francs (currently equal with the dollar). The work should be done by 2022.
This is also good news for Adopt-an-Alp because beginning next year Alplen will be part of the program.

Alp Alplen located remote in the Uri Alps.
A rockslide demolished the path to the Alp in October 2017.
A tunnel shall reconnect the Alp.
Currently the animals have to be transported with this container to reach their summer meadows.

Source: Swiss Television SRF