Adopt-an-Alp at NoMad and Eataly

After having shown the program with a slide show at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco Caroline went to Los Angeles to further promote Adopt-an-Alp. We are excited that such a prestigeous customer as Eataly has become part of Adopt-an-Alp. Just right after the opening of their fifth location (besides New York 2, Boston, and Chicago) Caroline got the opportunity thanks to national buyer Greg Blais to introduce Adopt-an-Alp to the staff.

Caroline at Eataly L.A.

Eataly National Buyer Greg Blais[/caption]

Eataly’s Patrick with the Beeler Gruyère…[/caption]

…and the Alpkäse apron.[/caption]

Dinner at the NoMad L.A.

Caroline took her visit to L.A. as an opportunity to dine at the newly opened NoMad. The NoMad Hotel in New York and executive chef Mark Welker a a stout supporters of Adopt-an-Alp and furthermore serve only cheeses from our portfolio.

As you can see from the pictures, a dinner at NoMad is quite an experience.


…Foie Gras

…Citrus Crunch…[/caption]

…and executive chef Mark Welker preparing the dessert “Baked Alaska”.[/caption]