Adopt-an-Alp at OLMA

OLMA is by far the largest exhibition of agriculture and nutrition in Switzerland. Traditionally held in the city of St. Gall in October this year’s exhibition from the 12. to the 22. attracted over 365,000 visitors. And just for the 75th anniversary Adopt-an-Alp was part of the program. Also on the schedule that day: Announcement of the winners in the OLMA Alpkäse (alp cheese) contest.

On Friday, Oct. 13, Caroline explained the program in front of over 300 visitors, most of them farmers and cheese makers. And, of course, a lot of them showed their interest to be part of Adopt-an-Alp in the future. Here’s a selection of the pictures taken by the organizers.

Caroline at the speakers desk…[/caption]

… explaining the program…[/caption]

…presenting the difference between Switzerland and the US…[/caption]

…and the Adopt-an-Alp contest per powerpoint.[/caption]

Caroline with Markus Hobi, director of the OLMA Alpkäse Awards.[/caption]

The youngest in the audience…[/caption]

…and Martina Scherer, OLMA assistant, Jürg Casanova, friend and mentor during Caroline’s career in journalism, Wisel Fassbind, farmer.[/caption]

Swiss Folkmusic, of course.[/caption]

The cheese market outside with Ueli Zaugg, winner of three OLMA awards.[/caption]