Adopt-an-Alp at the San Francisco Food Show

It was only fitting that we put Adopt-an-Alp at the forefront during the NASFT Food Show in San Francisco (Jan.13 – 15) since we have strong crowd of followers of the program along the U.S. westcoast.Banner, displays and lot of talking and explaining did the job.
Even Dr. David Escher, CEO of “Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG” was impressed how well “Alpk√§se” is promoted in the U.S.
During the 3-day-show several “adopting” parents renewed their committment for 2019.

Caroline in the WBC booth.
And her display.
Alp product – the top of the crop.
Fondue with Christie Alexandre-Zeoli of “Market of Choice”, an AaA customer
WBC’s Steve Gellert likes it, too…
…no wonder!
The Beeler Alpsbrinz.