And the winners are…

The panel of judges has spoken, and with a little delay caused by a tiny virus, we can announce the winners of the Adopt-an-Alp contest 2019: James Coogan from Eli’s Market in Manhattan, Rich Cooper from State Street Fruit Store in Northampton/MA, Peter Lovis from Concord Cheese Shop in Concord/MA, and Mark Sutherland from World’s Best Cheeses. For the first time, we don’t have a winner from the western part of the country and no female either.

The winners will visit their adopted Alps in Switzerland during this year’s transhumance. As long, of course, as COVID-19 allows it. Right now, everything is in jeopardy. But who knows what the summer brings?

And here are the winners:
James Coogan does some yodeling, well, sort of…

Rich Cooper of Statestreetfruit Store gets the news.
Peter Lovis and Steve Dahlgren from Concorde Cheese Shop.
Mark Sutherland (World’s Best Cheeses) has the right reading to prepare for the trip.