Another calf is born

Ruosalp welcomed a new member of the family: Another calf was born two days ago. The conditions on Ruosalp are still perfect. Unlike others the Herger operation does not have a lack of water. “For some reason the Bisis valley gets more rain, sometimes double the amount, than the surrounding areas”, says Max Herger. “The grass is still juicy, we get lots of milk. However down in the valley the situation is completely different. Everything is dry. Right now we couldn’t move the animals down. There’s nothing to eat there.”
To cool off the kids and Nina went for a swim in the mountain creek. You can estimate the water temperature by looking at their reactions…

A happy moment for mother cow.
My spot in the stable.
The weather has been gorgeous all summer.
Ready for a swim in the mountain creek.
Brrrr – the water is ice cold.