Dire conditions in the Rhine Valley

The whole of Europe is groaning under the summer heat. In places it hasn’t rained for weeks. That is the case in the Rhine Valley where Switzerland, Austria, and Germany touch. “The conditions are critical”, says Margrit Abderhalden on Alp Malbun. “We’ve learned that some farmers had to slaughter animals because there’s just not enough food. Even here on Malbun the meadows get dryer and dryer. It seems we will have a shorter transhumance than usual.”
August 1st is the Swiss National Day (like 4th of July). But this year almost everywhere are the celebratory fires and fireworks are prohibited, the danger of brushfires is simply too high. So the family will have do to with the “Zopf” (Braid), the celebratory slightly sweet white bread.

Sunshine from morning…
…till evening, but just no rain.
The animals seek shelter in the woods.
Less food means less milk.
Even the pigs have to forage more.
Celebrating August 1st with the “Zopf”.