Education at the Club

Olde Hickory in south Fort Myers is a Golf&Country Club which is typical for the numerous of such clubs that exists in Southwest Florida. So it made only sense to have an educational evening at the Club since Chef Werner Dietrich had adopted an Alp: Jänzimatt!

And what a success it was. Chef Dietrich and Caroline put together a program and menu which let to spontaneous applause throughout the evening. It not only came from the 40 clubmembers (sold out event!) but also from staff and management.

First the six provided cheeses were served as a taste. Then incorporated into a menu that Chef Werner had put together with much sought, encouraging the crowd to use those cheeses in recipes at home.

The structure of the event gave Caroline time to not only explain the cheeses served, but most of all what a difference the Alpage (Alpkäse) cheeses make. A good part of members and staff had never before heard of transhumance. Caroline then was joined by one of the attendees, Jessica Bardoel, a Canadian veterinarian student who had spent 0ne month on Alp Rousalp with the Herger family last summer. Calling it a life changing experience she entertained the crowd with her memories of that unforgettable time. She later assisted Caroline in the question and answer part of the evening.

The star cast for the evening
And the link to Adopt-an-Alp.
Chef Werner Dietrichs outstanding menu.
The set up is done.
Caroline and Chef Werner go over the last details.
The banner that stands tall.
The crowd in anticipation.
The stars of the evening – from Alp Jänzimatt.
The overture: Breadsticks for the fondue Vacherin Mont d’Or.
Tartlet with Alp Jänzimatt Raclette and Arcadian greens.
Fig and Walnut bread with Willi Schmid’s Bergfichte.
A satisfied and educated attendance.