Family time on Satteleggli

For once we had a bit a quieter Sunday. The visitors are gone, the cows in the stable, so we got 2, 3 hours to relax.

Enjoying the view.
Birthday party with Grandpa Ernst.

Ernst is feeling a lot better. He got a cortison shot in his back at the beginning of the week and the pain is almost gone. He still has to undergo surgery, but luckily we could move this to the winter.

The cows rest in the stable.
Over a 100 wheels mature in the Satteleggli cellar.

Since fall is coming closer the grass is not as juicy as at the peak. Therefore we only make 2 wheels a day. But all in all we had another excellent “milk summer”.

The new wheels spend one day in the brine.
Hungry anyone?

Due to the very hot summer water finally has gotten scarce and we had to pump water for a few days. Luckily we got some rain and the situation is normal again.
This week, if the weather is fine, we would like to hay the meadows here. Per contract we are allowed to do so after August 5. This requirement is to support the animals that live on the meadows, and gives the grass enough time to seed.
Further down, on Eigen, we’re done with the first cut. We will go for the second once we are finished haying up here.

To our delight we had our three grandchildren for three days. We all cherished the time together.

Sea of fog under Satteleggli.