Mobile dairy is ready

On Alp Nünenen, new in the Adopt-an-Alp program in 2020, everything is ready for transhumance: Most of all, the mobile dairy has been transported and put into place for cheesemaking this summer. The innovative approach, thanks to the company “Monalp”, has created interest amongst the media and a Swiss TV-crew made her way up to the meadows and interviewed cheesemaker Sarah Gross.

If – in this COVID-19 plagued world – everything goes according to plan, Sarah and her family will move to chalet “Chueberg” around May 25. All four kids will join them and leave school. In the future, they will be homeschooled.

Not all of the snow is gone.
The location for the mobile dairy has to be cleared.
The concrete platform is ready.
Hieving the dairy onto the concrete.
Inside the dairy.


Sarah is interviewed by the TV-crew.