Still lots of milk on Maran

It’s the second week of August and we still get a lot of milk on Alp Maran. We produce 500 wheels Alpage per week!

However we are still trying to get used to our robot. By now the robot is more an “acquaitance” instead of a friend. But we are slowly getting to know each other better. We have less physical work to do in the cellar, but we had to learn that we have to observe a lot. Therefore the amount we spend in the cellar is about the same.

The robot works in the cellar.

Nevertheless the summer is going well. So far we have produced a record amount of 4000 kg (8800 lbs) of Alp butter. We even had to sell some of the cream because one cheesemaker got sick and we just couldn’t handle the amount.

We are going into the last period of transhumance, more or less a month is left. The coming week we will start to make the square raclette. Walter Niklaus