The kids walk, too

On Alp Äbnistetten in the central Swiss Alps, transhumance started as well on May 16. Although it was a rainy day, the kids of the Theiler-Steger family took the hike as well. And, of course, at the head of the train. Part of the crew was also Nadia Kleiner, the new cheesemaker on Äbnistetten. She will also help Sili Theiler-Steger in the household.

Getting ready for the hike.
Properly dressed for the occasion.
Leaving the winter home.
Nadia Kleiner, the new cheesemaker, is part of the crew.
Melinda, Katja, Nick and Lisa – the kids lead the train.
Äbnistetten, summer residence.
Finally on the meadows.
The chicken enjoy their summer place as well.