Winner’s trip, day 1: Steiners Hohberg

The forecast had predicted rain, however the sun greeted the winner’s of the Adopt-an-Alp contest upon their arrival at Zurich Airport: Jenn Martella (Piazza’s Italian Market), Beth Falk (Mill City Cheesemongers), Shelli Morton (World’s Best Cheeses), Adam Shutes (Boston Cheese Cellar) and Galen LeGrand (Skagit Valley Food Coop).

A roughly 2 and half hour drive took us to Alp Steiners Hohberg in the Gantrisch area in the Swiss Alps. There farmer Christian Stucki as well as the cheesemakers Ruedi, Fabian and Kevin and host Marlies greeted us and gave us a tour of the operation. It ended with a visit of the aging cellars down in the village of Plaffeien.

Greeting on Steiners Hohberg.
The beautiful surroundings.
Tasting the Alpage 2018.
The cellar on the Alp.
The aging cellar in Plaffeien.

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