Winner’s trip, day 2: Across the Bernese Alps

The second day of the winner’s trip was packed. Early Saturday morning we visited the “Maison de Gruyère” and took the tour of the showcase dairy. Courtesy of the “Interprofession du Gruyère” we could visit the Castle of Gruyère.

From there we crossed the Jaun pass along the towering Bernese Alps. On the top of the pass we visited Karl Müller, the former cheesemaker on Alp Steiners Hohberg. After retiring he took over the little dairy… and still produces outstanding cheese.

Early afternoon we reached Adelboden and after a hike we reached the “Alpgarten” where we got an idea of the flora in the Alps.

Our friend and partner Manfred Schmid was the host for the rest of the day. He not only gave us a tour of his wonderful store with exquisite products. The following tasting was exceptional (just look at the plate). A dinner at Hotel Adler was indeed a perfect ending of the day.

The castle of Gruyére…
…and the picturesque little town.
Meeting cheesemaker Karl Müller on the Jaun pass.
Kari and Adam Shutes who had adopted Steiners Hohberg.
In the “Alpgarten” above Adelboden.
Manfred Schmid giving us the tour of his shop and facility.
The tasting plate, just outstanding, in every regard.

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