Winner’s trip, day 6: On Alp Trosen again

After an early wake-up call we left the Ticino and after more than three hours reached Unterwasser in the Toggenburg valley. There we moved to Alp Trosen where our friends Köbi Sr., his wife Rösli, Köbi jr. and his wife Lucia received us with the usual hospitality.

As always we got to taste the cheese, their homemade bread as well as sausages made with the meat of their cows.

On Alp Trosen (4500 ft.) Köbi Sr. makes fantastic Alpkäse with the milk of about 30 cows, 15 of their own. In mid July they will move their cows up to Alp Vlies (6000 ft) where he produces Alpziger (Sap Sago).

Alp Trosen high above the Toggenburg valley inmidst of the Eastern Alps.
Köbi Knaus Sr., the master in front of his chalet.
Transhumance started late this year, and there are still patches of snow.
We are invited into the dairy.
The master and his cauldron.
The first wheels of 2019 in the brine.
Those huge bells were a wedding present from Köbi Sr. and Rösli to Köbi Jr. and Lucia.
The beautiful house of Köbi and Lucia in the valley: It’s time to say farewell.

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