Adopt an Alp in Switzerland and support the transhumance movement, moving the livestock from one grazing ground to another, and get some delicious and healthy cheeses in the fall!
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Which Alp should I adopt?

In 2017 there are 23 Alps to choose from. Check them out and learn about the people, the Alps, and their cheeses.

Alp Urnerboden (UR), new
Owners: Martin & Michaela Stadelmann, new
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2016
Alp Trosen (SG), new
Owners: Jakob Knaus Jr. & Luzia, Jakob Knaus sr. & Rösli
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2017, organic
Alp Site (BE), new
Owners: Simon & Nadja Santschi
Cheeses: Berner Alpkäse AOP 2016, Berner Hobelkäse AOP 2015
Alp Arnischwand (OW), new
Owners: Urs & Ida Müller
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2016 and 2017, Trischtächäs 2017
Alp Parpan (GR)
Owners: Martin Dobler & Patricia Schweizer, new
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2016 and 2017
Alp Äbnistetten (LU)
Owners: Reto & Silvia Theiler-Steger, AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2016 and 2017, Bratkäse 2017
Alp Berglialp (GL)
Owners: Heinrich & Ursi Marti-Kamer, AaA since 2016
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2016 and 2017
Alp Bleiki (NW)
Owners: Paul & Agnes Barmettler, AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Alp Sbrinz AOP 2014 and 2015, Alpkäse 2016, Bratkäse
Alp Heuboden (GL)
Owners: Fritz & Anna Tschudi-Gwerder, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Glarner Alpkäse AOP 2016
Alp Imbrig (LU)
Owners: Rudolf & Margrit Jordi, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2016 and 2017, Raclette
Alp Jänzimatt (OW)
Owners: Adrian & Heidi Riebli, AaA since 2016
Cheeses: Alpkäse, Niidlechäs, Full Moon Cheese, all 2017 and all organic
Alp Sarganserland (SG, formerly Alp Kohlschlag)
Owners: Fredi Steiner (Cheese maker) & Hannes Ackermann (Alp master), AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2017
Alp Krauchtal (GL)
Owners: Christoph & Sandra Marti, AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Raclette 2017, Rauchkäse (smoked) 2017
Alp Maran (GR)
Owners: Walter Niklaus (Master cheese maker) & Matthias Völkel (Cellar), AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2017, Alpkäse with herbs 2017, Walserkäse 2017
Alp Obern Galm (VS)
Owners: Raoul & Clemenz Wyssen, AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Alpkäse, Alpkäse with alpine herbs, pepper or garlic, Raclette, all 2017
Alp Alpe Pierrefeu (BE)
Owners: Alex & Caroline Oppliger, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Gruyère AOP Alpage 2016
Alp Pragel-Bödmeren (SZ)
Owners: Toni & Vreni Holdener, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2016 and 2017, Suworow 2016
Alp Rainhütten (AI)
Owners: Beni & Theresia Hollenstein, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Geisskäse (Goat) 2017
Alp Ruosalp (UR)
Owners: Max & Monika Herger, AaA since 2016
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2016 and 2017
Alp Satteleggli (BE)
Owners: Ernst & Theres Reichenbach, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Berner Hobelkäse AOP 2013, 2015, 2016
Alp Steiners Hohberg (FR)
Owners: Karl Müller (Cheese maker), & Christian Stucki (Farmer), AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2017, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP 2017, Raclette
Alp Tompey (VD)
Owners: Florian & Mélanie Zjörien, New
Cheeses: Alpage L'Etivaz AOP 2016
Alp Wasserberg (SZ)
Owners: Gerold & Käthy Gwerder, New
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2017, Raclette, all organic
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Read what past winners of the Adopt-an-Alp contest have to say

Galen LeGrand
Skagitvalley Food Coop,
Mount Vernon, WA
"What impressed me the most on this trip was the amount of tradition and dedication that is put into every ounce of cheese that comes out of the Alps. It was absolutely breathtaking and inspiring to see how much hard work is put into every step along the way, the high standard of quality. Now I know the whole story and can relate to that - and that's awesome. Thank you so much!"
Sylvia Sobocinski
New Haven, CT
"The Adopt-An-Alp trip was such an amazing experience that it’s hard to describe in a few words! We learned about Swiss Alpage cheese making and the traditions of transhumance from start to finish and tasted some of the most delicious cheeses I have ever had. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet so many generous people willing to share their passion and their craft, and I am excited to continue to be part of this wonderful program."

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Jänzimatt – Bestseller at Plum Plums Cheese

It’s amazing how many efforts stores take to promote “their” alp in the Adopt-an-Alp program. It will be hard for the judges to find the winners of the AaA-contest. We just got word from Plum Plums Cheese in Pound Ridge/NY who adopted Alp Jänzimatt that they featured the Alpkäse in their popular “Grilled Cheese of the Month” program – and it became the top seller of the year! PlumPlums Gayle…

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Adopt-an-Alp at OLMA

OLMA is by far the largest exhibition of agriculture and nutrition in Switzerland. Traditionally held in the city of St. Gall in October this year’s exhibition from the 12. to the 22. attracted over 365,000 visitors. And just for the 75th anniversary Adopt-an-Alp was part of the program. Also on the schedule that day: Announcement of the winners in the OLMA Alpkäse (alp cheese) contest. On Friday, Oct. 13, Caroline…

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Astoria Bier & Cheese visits Alp Trosen

Rick White, managing partner at Astoria Bier and Cheese in Ditmars and Milk and Hops in Chelsea, was one of the Adopt-an-Alp parents in 2017. He chose Alp Trosen in the Toggenburg, and to make sure he  knew what he will be selling at his stores he visited Alp Trosen and the Knaus family late in the summer. He made a video of the visit which he allows us to…

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Cook like they do on the Alps

Did you know that even in a wealthy and modern country like Switzerland the healhiest people live in the Alps? That’s right, they have a higher life expectancy than the rest of the population. They are also clearly below the average when it comes to heart diseases. The reason? The diet, of course, and fresh air. So you might want to cook the way they do, just get the right…

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Check out the Adopt-an-Alp shopping bags

The production of the Adopt-an-Alp® shopping bags has started. It will be a hand-out to customers once they arrive in the U.S.

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