With the COVID-19 crisis, Adopt-an-Alp is more meaningful than ever before. Sustainability, integrity and traceability will become even more important when it comes to food. Alp Cheese fulfills all of these desires and needs. That's why supporting Älplers and keeping Alp Cheese alive has never been as important as now.
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Which Alp should I adopt?

In 2020 there are 32 Alps to choose from. Check them out and learn about the people, the Alps, and their cheeses.

Alp Fieudo (TI)
Owners: Agroval SA, Ari Lombardi
Cheeses: Alpage Ticinese DOP 2019
Alp Carí (TI), new
Owners: Azienda Agricola Piz Forca, Donald Nessi, Flavia Carobbio (cheesemaker)
Cheeses: Alpeggio (Alpage) 2020
Alp Botchenalp (BE), new
Owners: Alexander and Ursula Amacher
Cheeses: Berner Alpkäse AOP 2020
Alp Braunwald (GL), new
Owners: Köbi and Margrit Streiff
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019
Alp Alplen (UR), new
Owners: Alois and Ida Gisler-Imhof
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020, Goat Alpage 2020
Alp Nünenen (BE), new
Owners: Sarah Gross (Alpcorporation Nünenen)
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020
Alp Charetalp (SZ)
Owners: Erich and Sandra Betschart-Imhof
Cheeses: Goat and Sheep (sold out) Alpage 2020
Alp Musenalp (UR)
Owners: Sepp and Andrea Herger-Gysin
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020
Alp Malbun (SG)
Owners: Margrit & Ueli Abderhalden
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020
Alp Fählen (AI)
Owners: Sepp and Silvia Inauen
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020, Goat Alpage 2020
Alp Schwägalp (SG)
Owners: Werner Näf
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019, Goat Alpage 2020
Alp Laui (SZ)
Owners: Alois "Wisel" and Bernadette Fassbind
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020, 2019
Alp Gummen (SZ)
Owners: Martin Dobler
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019
Alp Urnerboden (UR)
Owners: Armin Troxler, Cheesemaker
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019
Alp Trosen (SG)
Owners: Jakob Knaus Jr. & Luzia, Jakob Knaus sr. & Rösli
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020, organic
Alp Site (BE)
Owners: Simon & Nadja Santschi with Lionel and Mauro
Cheeses: Berner Alpkäse AOP 2019
Alp Arnischwand (OW)
Owners: Urs & Ida Müller
Cheeses: Trischtächäs (cream enriched) 2020
Alp Parpan (GR)
Owners: Co-op Alpkäserei Parpan, Cheesemaker Dario Burgener
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019
Alp Äbnistetten (LU)
Owners: Reto & Silvia Theiler-Steger, AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020, Goat Alpage 2020
Alp Berglialp (GL)
Owners: Heinrich & Ursi Marti-Kamer, AaA since 2016
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2020
Alp Bleiki (NW)
Owners: Paul & Agnes Barmettler, AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Alp Sbrinz AOP 2018, Bratchäs 2020
Alp Heuboden (GL)
Owners: Peter and Annelies Tschudi, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Glarner Alpkäse AOP 2019
Alp Imbrig (LU)
Owners: Martin and Karin Jordi, Ruedi and Margrit Jordi, AaA since 2015,
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019 (sold out), Raclette 2020, Alpage Goat 2020
Alp Jänzimatt (OW)
Owners: Adrian & Heidi Riebli, AaA since 2016
Cheeses: Niidlechäs (cream enriched), Full Moon Cheese, all 2020 and all organic
Alp Maran (GR)
Owners: Walter Niklaus (Master cheesemaker), AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Raclette round and square 2020
Alp Obern Galm (VS)
Owners: Raoul & Clemenz Wyssen, AaA since 2013
Cheeses: Raclette 2020
Alp Pierrefeu (BE)
Owners: Alex & Caroline Oppliger, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Gruyère AOP Alpage 2019
Alp Rainhütten (AI)
Owners: Beni & Theresia Hollenstein, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Geisskäse (Goat) 2020
Alp Ruosalp (UR)
Owners: Max & Monika Herger, AaA since 2016
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019 (sold out), Goat Alpage 2020
Alp Satteleggli (BE)
Owners: Ernst & Theres Reichenbach, AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Berner Hobelkäse AOP 2018, Berner Alpkäse AOP 2019, 2020
Alp Steiners Hohberg (FR)
Owners: Ruedi & Marlies Moser, Fabian Tschannen (Cheese makers), & Christian Stucki (Farmer), AaA since 2015
Cheeses: Alpkäse 2019 (sold out), Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP 2020, Raclette 2020
Alp Tompey (VD)
Owners: Florian & Mélanie Zjörien
Cheeses: Alpage L'Etivaz AOP 2019
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Adopt-an-Alp on “Planet Cheese”

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Praise from peers for Adopt-an-Alp

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A strenuous cheese transport

On Alp Fählen the Alpsummer ended on August 28, but Silvia and Sepp Inauen had to go back later. Not just to make the chalet secure for the winter. They needed to get the cheeses to their new cellar in Gontenbad. That’s easier said than done. Because there is no road access to Fählen. They called upon their workhorse to do the toughest task of the season: 700 kg (over…

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Cutting wood

Winter has reached Alp Steiners Hohberg in the Gantrisch region. The animals are long gone. But there’s still work to do besides cleaning up: One of the last tasks is to cut wood for next year. Snow covers the Gantrisch meadows. Cutting wood, lots of.

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Read what past winners of the Adopt-an-Alp contest have to say

Galen LeGrand
Skagitvalley Food Coop,
Mount Vernon, WA
"What impressed me the most on this trip was the amount of tradition and dedication that is put into every ounce of cheese that comes out of the Alps. It was absolutely breathtaking and inspiring to see how much hard work is put into every step along the way, the high standard of quality. Now I know the whole story and can relate to that - and that's awesome. Thank you so much!"
Sylvia Sobocinski
New Haven, CT
"The Adopt-An-Alp trip was such an amazing experience that it’s hard to describe in a few words! We learned about Swiss Alpage cheese making and the traditions of transhumance from start to finish and tasted some of the most delicious cheeses I have ever had. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet so many generous people willing to share their passion and their craft, and I am excited to continue to be part of this wonderful program."