Alp mass on Jänzimatt

Sunday, August 18, was a special day for the Riebli family. The “Ammensatz”, a festival where Alpeneers and the people of Giswil meet, was held on Jänzimatt. The celebration includes a church service with a performance of the local choir as well as “Swiss Wrestling”.

On the peak of summer the animals spend their days on “Oberi Stelli”, the highest meadows on Jänzimatt. Up there milking is a strenous task. The milk churns then have to be transported by a small cable car to the hut.

In September the animals are on Jänzimatt again. The days have gotten cooler and shorter, and transhumance 2019 is soon to end.

The local choir performs after the service.
Wrestling, Swiss style, in the sawdust.
The sun rises on “Oberi Stelli”, the highest meadows.
Milking on Oberi Stelli…
…and then transportation to Jänzimatt.
Like everywhere Swiss National Day on August 1 is celebrated with a fire.