An – almost – perfect summer

Tomorrow, September 8, we will make the last production of this summer. One more time the little “Mutschli”, the ones we started the summer with. After that transhumance 2018 will reach its end.

What a summer it was! I’m sure the 2018 Laui Alpk√§se will enter history. The new culture we use is an absolute hit. Also the collaboration in the dairy with my son Ruedi has been terrific. If not for an incident in mid August we could say it was a perfect summer: But one of our heifers fell to its death.

We hope that the customers who got our last year’s cheese are happy with it. On Monday, we will participate at the cheese awards at OLMA, the biggest agricultural show in Switzerland. We keep our fingers crossed.

Greetings from Alp Laui. Alois “Wisel” Fassbind

The collaboration with Ruedi in the dairy was awesome.
The Alpage Laui 2018 will go into history.
The next generation of the Fassbind family.