Cool days announce the end of summer

It has been an excellent summer on Alpe Tompey where the Zjörien family produced many wheels of L’Ètivaz AOP. Beautiful days offered spectacular views over Lake Geneva. And enough hay was produced during the hottest days. Son Damien, who enters school now, is already helping with daily tasks.

The Zjöriens also welcomed a calf named “Oum” that was born on the meadows and had to be carried to the chalet.

During the first week of September cool temperatures and even some snow announced the end of transhumance. But luckily all the wood has been cut and stored before the arrival of fall. There will be plenty of wood for next summer.

Alpe Tompey overlooking Lake Geneva.
Celebrating Swiss National Day on August 1.
Damien raking the hay.
A fox enjoys the meadows as well.
Florian Zjörien carries the newborn to the chalet.
The wood was cut and stored…
…just before the cool and rainy days arrived.
The sun sets over Alpe Tompey.