Taking it all in

Sometimes transhumance, with its highs and lows, just flies by. The labor is so demanding that days seem to flow into each other and you get the impression that this will go on and on.

The daily work: Simon Santschi in the dairy…
…helper Piotr in the cellar

But then it hits you: Even the most beautiful summer comes to an end. And this year certainly earlier than we had planned. Now the animals again are out on the meadows day and night to get enough grass. The dry summer has left its traces. And suddenly I realize I have to take it all in, so as to store all the beautiful impressions for the winter through which you go with those memories.
The other day, for instance, brought just a wonderful, mild evening. I sat outside on the bench and just couldn’t leave it. Everything was so peaceful, I listen to the cowbells and know how I will miss it. The sun sets and colors the mountain and meadows red.

To race down on a scooter was popular for visitors of Alp Site.
The bull needs some rest.
A wonderful, mild summer evening.
The sun sets over Alp Site.

So we go into the last two weeks or so. Although we had a lack of rain and less grass it was a beautiful summer. Nadja Santschi